Fully support for

self-isolation from overseas

Flexible support for change of dates from 2 weeks to 6 months

Flexible response is possible even if the flight schedule cannot be confirmed.

Pick up service available

We will arrange transportation for Japan arrivals who are not allowed to use the public transportation for 14 days of self-isolation period. (After negative PCR test)   

Daily necessities such as washing machines and kitchens are prepared

We have properties up to 1K-4LDK such as monthly condominium vacation stays / Tokyo / Osaka / Sapporo / Naha / Fukuoka / Kyoto.

What is Self-Isolation


Offering Monthly rental apartments, hotels and private lodgings

For those who have a negative PCR test but are requested to be voluntarily isolated, we will provide a housing equipped with transportation legs and daily necessities. Some people are isolated at their parents' home, but considering the possibility of false negatives, it is not safe to say that the PCR test is negative.


Solved the problem of not being able to use public transportation with the transfer plan

Due to the policy from the country, temporary returnees cannot use public transportation currently, We have a pick-up package. It corresponds to Haneda / Narita / Kansai Airport.


Flexible reservation option

There is also a plan to reduce the period of about one month as a guarantee such as flight delay. In many countries, flights are being postponed repeatedly, but it is possible to respond flexibly to reservation periods.

Accumulate JMB miles

You can earn JAL miles only through this site.

It can be used for both short-term and long-term contracts.

​※1 mile per 200 yen


Japan's largest voluntary isolation service when returning to Japan /

Many uses by major corporations and embassies

We also accept consultations on ordinary rentals when returning to Japan eternally.

It was featured in the media a lot!

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International students, Looking for a housing after arraval in Japan


apartments japan

We also offers monthly rental apartments and properties after isolation priod ends. Since we can support to find a housing from viewings to the contact during 14days of self-quarantine, it will be very convenient.  


Technical interns / International

For technical interns and international students, we can introduce apartments from quarantine periods to mid- to long-term rentals.

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